How can I use the Programme in my school?

Experience of trying to introduce the pilot programme in a number of schools has indicated that you are more likely to be successful if most of the staff (especially those in management roles) understand and “buy-in” to the project.

The Blue Dog research also highlights that parental involvement is important. This is true for all accident prevention initiatives, so it is important to get parents involved at an early stage.

A suggestion of how best to introduce the programme is:

  • Initially assess the programme and resources as a whole and identify opportunities to introduce them into your existing schedule – that is to enhance the work you already do, or develop new ideas.
  • Introduce the Blue Dog programme to school staff at a staff meeting. A power point presentation with added notes is available as a download. This sets out an overview and hopefully will stimulate interest. Stress that a wealth of facts and figures are available on this website.
  • Involve the parents and governors with a similar presentation thereby involving the wider community and promoting community cohesion.
  • Develop and introduce the Scheme of Work for 4 – 7 year olds.

  • Invite your local veterinarian and/or veterinary nurses to visit the school. Their involvement in role play and speaking and listening activities may be invaluable. They should already be familiar with the programme as this has been discussed widely within the veterinary profession for some years.

    Your veterinarian may not be used to talking to young children, but would want to do a good job. You are the one who knows your children best – so do not be afraid to make suggestions. These will probably be much appreciated! 

  • Organise a visit to a local Veterinary Clinic or Hospital. This may well be possible but will depend on the size of the clinic or the number of children etc. Perhaps it could tie in with a practice open day or other initiative. The important thing is to build up a relationship – then it is surprising what is possible!
  • Develop further cross curricular links. The lesson plan section gives examples such as interactive story books, puppets, and animated films.

There are lots of opportunities - and they are fun!

But think up your own ideas and perhaps give us feedback via the contact us section.

Why not add a photo? As long as there is appropriate permission, we could add your ideas to the news section and Teachers Toolbox.

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